Our Brand Identity

Our Brand Identity

Olu Aladejebi & Co. is a dynamic professional services firm committed to helping companies identify and capitalize on business opportunities within Nigeria and overseas.

Olu Aladejebi & Co. practice areas include, research and development, feasibility studies, management consulting, human capital management, restructuring and reorganization, valuation and benefit and compensation consulting. Professionalism is our strength; with highly committed staff we help in reshaping our clients positions and bring into being a state-of-art structure for better and effective performance.

Our Mission

Our pride is to add value to our client’s dream and formulate strategies that will enhance client’s goals for positive growth.

Our Vision

We are creative apparatus who combine knowledge together to better the fortune of our clients and achieve positive change.

Our Culture

Our culture is the background of our business processes - our standard are global in scope and driven by multi-cultural teams- focus on values, principles and attitudes that motivates and guides our behaviours with of commitment and a shared vision of the future, achieved with humility, to helping our clients maximize value.


Our Philosophy

Our people: Valued, committed, listened to, respected, diverse, reasoned with, modest

Knowledge and learning: Knowledge-based, learning from clients solution, committed to sharing and reuse, team-focused

Teamwork: Shared effort, accountability, integration, recognition and reward

Client Satisfaction: Committed to the needs of valued clients, delivering what we promise with quantifiable and measurable returns

Profitability: Competing on value, working smarter for quality results speed and efficiency in our engagements.