What We Do

Our Services


We provide audit service by reviewing the books and records of organizations in order to form an opinion on the true and fair view of the state of affairs of the organization.

This service is rendered following a detailed programme designed to cover every aspect of the organization in order to form a reliable opinion and also in line with the provision of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree of 1990 and relevant Accounting Standard.



We prepare accounts of any organization or association for such period as may be requested.  We also document accounting system and procedures for clients, thereby adding value to their operations. Setting up of Computerized Accounting Systems by using Off the Shelf Software’s such as Peach Tree, Mind craft e.t.c.


Tax Consultancy

We bring clarity to the complexities of taxation.  We advice clients on tax matters and planning opportunities.  We also on their behalf register with the tax office, preparation of tax computations for client’s employees, present it to the tax office. We also follow-up to obtaining tax clearance certificate and processing of capital Acceptance Certificate.

This service is available to companies, partnership, individuals and families.


Special Audits and Investigations

We carry out special audits or investigations into the financial affairs of any organization, association or fund as may be requested by client.

This would be outside the scope of statutory audit and will be restricted to the terms of appointment.


Other Services are:

Financial Advisory Services

Our Financial advisory services cover fundamental activities such as sourcing of funds and drawing up financial packages for new or existing, small or big firms or companies.  The range of services offered covered subjects like cost of raising capital, cash flow, insurance, financial planning to help in business expansion and turn around.

We carry out in-depth studies of a given business environment and recommend the feasibility and viability of projects on behalf of individuals and companies. We help draw up a business plan for a new or an existing business and provide management services for the realization of the business objectives.


Financial Due Diligence and Corporate Planning

We review the books and records of organizations, on behalf of interested investors or management, in order to form an opinion on the viability of the company or its going concern and if necessary, determine the fair value of the company and its shares. In performing financial due diligence and corporate review services, our general approach is to draw upon our resources and expertise in these fields in a manner that ensures efficient and cost effective service delivery to our clients. We ensure that those that possess a thorough understanding of the business and the sector in which the target company operates undertake such reviews. Our opinion will be based on a thorough analysis of the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the company.


Human Capital Management

As professionals in various fields, we acknowledge the fact that the most valuable assets of any organization is the Human Capital, we assist our clients to realized their goals by searching and sourcing highly qualified and competent hands. In achieving this we ensure that the right and qualified person(s) is/are engaged to their area of best competence after an open and competitive processes. We also provide out-sourcing service for our clients, who employ the services of casual or contract staff for instance, Drivers, Secretaries, Cleaners and Security officers.


Training and Development

We provide various training and development services for our clients and interested corporate institutions and individuals. Our training revolved around Banking, Accounting, Information Technology and Business developments. Our trainings are organized to sensitize our clients and the interested public on new developments in the industries and global changes, in order to keep them abreast of information on the world economy and to re-sharpen their skills and Knowledge.

We organize in-house training service where materials and methodology are tailored towards the specific need of a particular organization having identified their needs. Our trainings are practical oriented rather than theory, we ensure high standard quality of our trainings, and our facilitators are professionals and veterans in their various fields of endeavours.


Economic and Feasibility Studies

We carry out studies so as to recommend the feasibility and viability of projects on behalf of individuals and companies.


Information Technology

The firm designs and implements a computerized accounting system for both new and existing companies.  The firm ensures that clients are kept abreast of latest happenings in technology and in the computer world.


Restructuring and re-organization and Valuation

Our firm has a core competence in the area of business restructuring and re-organization and valuation. We help rekindle dying businesses by injecting new live into the system by way of new orientation and structure to rejuvenate morbid system


Mergers, Acquisition and Takeover

We have expertise to advice clients on suitability of any acquisition or merger proposals.  We carry out a full investigation of the target business and provide a comprehensive report.   We also carry out investigation in connection with issue on capital, purchase and sales of business or company reconstruction.


Reporting Accountants

We have a number of qualified accountants in the firm, so we are in a good position to offer services as reporting accountants to new entrants into the security market and issues by existing quoted companies.


Secretarial Services

The firm offers secretarial services that ensure compliance with the provisions on Companies and Allied Matters Decree of 1990 and other related legislation.


Bank Reconciliation Matters

The firm acts on behalf of its clients to resolve extraneous charges with their banks.


Staff Auditing

The firm offers services in personnel studies, management, Audit and Advice on personnel related matters.  We also help our clients to recruit staff.


Fixed Assets Audit

We offer fixed assets listing and identification and numbering services to our clients.



Each service will be billed separately in relation to our level of involvement and the nature of the assignments. The fees and payment terms are negotiable.